Terms & Conditions for Customers

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When you use our services you are agreeing to our terms. So please take sufficient time to read our terms and conditions. It’s our request to read the terms and conditions carefully before downloading our application or using our website.

Terms & Conditions (In case of vehicles not owned by company)
1. Definitions:

2. General:The company provides online services for booking Cab/ Taxies in India to you and you agree to use the Services offered by third party service providers (Vendors)

3. Charges

4. Payments:

For Round Trip:

For One-way Trip:

Note: Here rates per kilometer will be normal rates. Cheaper rates will not be applicable here.

5. Cancellation:

Round Trips:

One-way Trips:

6. Refund:

Round Trips:

For One-way Trip Charged at normal Market Rates:

For one way ride booked at cheaper rates:

7. Starting and Ending the Trip:

8. Indemnification:

9. Liability

10. Intellectual Property Rights ( Trademarks and Copyrights)

11. Link to Third Party Website:

12. Term and Termination of the Contract:

13. Invalidity of one or more provision:

14. Modification of Service and User Terms:

15. Notice:

16. Assignment

17. Privacy and Cookie Notice:

18. Excusable Delays (Superior Force)::

Terms & Conditions for Drivers and Travel Agents

It would be ideal if you read this record (Driver's Terms and Conditions) cautiously as it influences your privileges and commitments under the Contract. On the off chance that you don't consent to this present archive's Terms, Please don't enroll for or utilize the Service.

By getting to and utilizing this administration, you acknowledge and consent to be limited by the terms and arrangement of this understanding. Moreover, when utilizing these specific administrations, you will be dependent upon any posted rules or rules relevant to such administrations. Any support in this administration will establish acknowledgment of this understanding. On the off chance that you don't consent to submit to the abovementioned, kindly don't utilize this administration.

  1. Your relationship with the Tanyem organization:
  1. Basic:
  1. You will just utilize the Services for legal purposes; you won't utilize the Services for sending or putting away any unlawful material or for beguiling or deceitful purposes.
  2. You won't utilize the administrations to cause irritation, disturbance or burden.

iii. You won't cease from doing anything which we sensibly accept to be notorious or fit for harming our notoriety.

  1. You won't spread any substance which is slanderous, foul or may have the impact of being badgering, compromising or oppressive to an individual or gathering of people based on religion, sex, sexual direction, race, ethnicity, age or incapacity or something else.
  2. You won't utilize the administrations, or any substance available through the administrations, for any business reason, including however not constrained to reaching, publicizing to, requesting or offering to, any clients, conveyance specialist co-op, client or Tanyem's representatives, except if the organization has allowed you to do as such recorded as a hard copy.
  3. You won't publicize or advance outsider or your own items or administrations (other than your administrations in the ordinary course of the utilization of Tanyem).

vii.You won't duplicate or convey the product, or any substance showed through the administrations without earlier composed authorization from the Tanyem organization.

viii.You won't move records that contain infections, trojans or other unsafe projects.

  1. You won't make or order, straightforwardly or by implication, any assortment, accumulation, or other index from any substance showed through the Services aside from your own, noncommercial use.
  2. The data you give to us when you register a record or in any case speak with us is exact, you will expeditiously advise us of any progressions to such information(for model, telephone number, any update of your reports, for example, driving permit reestablishment or lapse, including or erasing any vehicle, any update of vehicle information), and you will give us whatever evidence of character we may sensibly ask for.
  3. You know that when mentioning Services by SMS instant messages, standard informing charges will apply.

xii. You will keep secure and secret your record secret key or any recognizable proof certifications we give you which permits access to the administrations.

xiii. You will just utilize the administrations for your own utilization and won't exchange either the product or administrations to an outsider.

xiv. You won't utilize the site or programming in any capacity that could harm, handicap, overburden or impede any organization worker, or the systems associated with any organization's worker.

  1. You won't endeavor to increase unapproved access to any piece of the site as well as to any help, account, asset, PC framework as well as system associated with any Company's worker.

xvi. You won't access or endeavor to get to the records of different clients or to infiltrate or endeavor to enter any safety efforts.

xvii. You won't profound connect to the Website or access the Website physically or with any robot, arachnid, web crawler, extraction programming, mechanized procedure as well as gadget to scratch, duplicate or screen any part of the Website or any substance on the Website, except if the Company has allowed you to do as such recorded as a hard copy.

xviii. You won't duplicate any substance showed through the administrations, including however not constrained to conveyance specialist organizations' substance and surveys, for republication in any configuration or media.

xix. You won't direct any precise recovery of information or other substance from the site, programming or Services.

  1. You won't attempt to hurt different clients or the organization, the site, programming or administrations in any capacity at all.

xxi. You will report any blunders, bugs, unapproved get to procedures or any break of our licensed innovation rights that you reveal in your utilization of the website,software or administrations.

xxii. You won't misuse our special or credit code framework by reclaiming numerous coupons without a moment's delay.

xxiii. The Company may furnish you with intuitive open doors through the administrations, including, by method of model, the capacity to post client evaluations and audits (all things considered, "Client Content").

xxiv. You speak to and warrant that you are the proprietor of, or in any case reserve the option to give, all User Content that you submit, post as well as in any case communicate ("Make Available") through the Services.

xxv. You thus award the Company an interminable, permanent, adaptable, completely paid, eminence free, non-selective, around the world, completely sublicense capable right and permit to utilize, duplicate, show, distribute, adjust, expel, openly perform, decipher, make subordinate works, circulate or potentially in any case utilize the User Content regarding the Company's business and in all structures presently known or from now on imagined ("Uses"), without warning to as well as endorsement by you.

xxvi. You further award the Company a permit to utilize your username as well as other User profile data, including without constraint your evaluations history, to ascribe User Content to you regarding such Uses, without warning or endorsement by you.

xxvii. We have restricted authority over the nature and substance of data and talk communicated or got by you or different clients of Tanyem. In spite of the fact that we claim all authority to do as such, we don't screen such substance in the typical course of business and won't be at risk for any such substance. On the off chance that you have a grumbling about another client, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us by means of the application or site.

xxviii. You will conform to every single material law and be liable for the arrangement of your conveyance or moving administrations to items (including without impediment, observing wellbeing laws according to the utilization of cell phones while driving).

xxix. You will reimburse, and keep us repaid including safeguarding us completely against any cases, misfortune, harm or legitimate procedures brought against us by some other individual because of your break of the Driver's Terms.

xxx. In connection to the revealing data that we give, we will utilize our sensible endeavors to guarantee that such data is precise in material perspective, yet we can't ensure that it will consistently be exact or right and accordingly you should utilize your own free judgment when following up based on data gave.

xxxi. We are not answerable for the conduct, activities or inactions of clients whether they are Tanyem clients. Any agreement for the arrangement of conveyance or moving administrations is among you and the client and not us and we just give a stage to present or connection up drivers or movers and clients.

xxxii. You will avoid potential risk to keep unapproved people from approaching the products, things or packages gave by the Customer compatible to the Service (the "Conveyance Items") and will likewise avoid potential risk against loss of or harm to the Delivery Items.

xxxiii. You will put forth sensible attempt to convey the Delivery Items as per the individual conveyance plans, which are evaluates just and not guaranteed. You will, nonetheless, not be at risk (regardless of whether in agreement, misdeed or something else) for any deferrals in influencing the Delivery Items for whatever reasons with the exception of that where a conveyance demand isn't finished in light of the fact that the Delivery Provider was late to arrive at the beneficiary of the Delivery Items that are not because of a Customer's duty nor conditions beyond his ability to do anything about, you consent to redeliver complimentary.

III. Driver Requirements:

  1. Login information:
  1. Registration:
  1. we have motivation to accept that you don't hold a legitimate driving permit; or;
  2. have a substantial India enrolled vehicle; or
  1. you don't give the necessary data and headshot for enrollment.
  1. Termination:

VII. Vehicle :

VIII. Notification :

  1. Driver's favored area to serve (same city as of the pickup or drop of area).
  2. Driver's vehicle type (same as client's solicitation or bigger).

iii. Vehicle's usable room

  1. Order Accepting :

o Fulfillment :

  1. Cancelling and moving:

It will be the duty of the driver or proprietor to educate us before 6hour regarding the excursion about the crossing out from your part. Neglecting to advise the wiping out inside time may bring about the end of your agreement with Tanyem. Anyway you may move the booking to another driver who is as of now enlisted with us. Request that your gathering register with Tanyem so as to stay away from jumble finally second.

  1. Routing :

XII. Safety issues :

XIII. Pricing:

XIV. Payment:

  1. Judgment:

Consent that Tanyem will settle on the instance of contention with client

XVI. Fine:

 You are responsible for all your fines that government imposes on you. Tanyem will not be liable to pay anything.

XVII. The driver or owner is liable for the accompanying issues like:

XVIII. Sanitizers, gloves and cover is the driver's duty.

XIX. Maintaining the hygiene of the taxi is Driver's and Owner's obligation

  1. Timing and planning :

XXI. Our lawful commitments and cutoff points on our risk :

XXII. General :